VAT representation in Norway: do it yourself or outsource it?

You would like to do business in Norway. Or you are already doing business in Norway. Just as in most countries in the world,  in Norway you also have to charge  tax on the turnover you realize. In addition, you must file VAT declaration correctly. And pay the VAT due on time. Even more, do you know whether you need a VAT representation?

VAT respresentation

If you, as a foreign entrepreneur, are liable to VAT and do not have your own permanent branch in Norway, you must appoint a VAT representative in Norway in accordance with Norwegian law. In Norway this is known as MVA-representative of merverdiavgiftsrepresentant. However, since 1 April 2017 this is no longer mandatory for 28 countries.  In that matter,  you can file the Norwegian VAT declaration yourself.


Convenience and assurance

Yet it is easy to outsource this task.  Why not let Arborealis take care of your VAT return in Norway. We are cost effective. Also if you want to be sure that you comply with Norwegian law, then it is wise to choose a VAT representative. A VAT representative who knows the English language,  Norwegian tax law and culture language very well.

You can appoint Arborealis as your VAT representative in Norway.  While the VAT calculations  are made by yourself, Arborealis as your VAT representative, declares  the VAT return  to the Norwegian tax authorities.  Of course you remain responsible for the calculation and timely payment of the VAT due.
You can also use Arborealis to fully execute the VAT administration and declaration. Based on the information provided by you, Arborealis calculates the VAT obligation and makes timely  VAT declarations.

Furthermore if you want to make sure you comply with Norwegian law, Arborealis can assist. Arborealis can give you assurance on your VAT declaration in Norway. Also we can advise you on Norwegian VAT rules and other tax laws.

Want to know more?
If you have any questions or  would like to appoint me as your vat representative, please contact Linda Eikelenboom; tel +4799247356 (leave a message and I’ll call you back) or email:

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