When do you need to register in Norway?

You are doing business in Norway. You would like to export your products or services to Norway. Maybe you are delivering services in Norway. Have you thought about registration in Norway?

Registration in Norway

Do you need to register in Norway? Exporting requires commercial instinct and in-depth knowledge of local legislation. Norway has different administrative requirements than in your home country. Moreover, for many businesses the foreign legislation and administrative duties become problematic to interpret. Firstly there is the registration at the Company Register, most likely you have to register for VAT. Maybe your employees have to report to Norwegian police, to name but a few administrative duties in Norway. Who is taking care of the registration of your company in Norway?

Reporting foreign contracts.

All assignments that Norwegian companies have awarded to foreign companies have to be reported to the Norwegian authorities. In order to do so, you can use form RF-1199 “Information about contracts, contractors and employees”. However the minimum contractual amount to be reported is 10.000 kr. It is a joint responsibility with the norwegian customer to report this form. We can assist you in evaluating the need for reporting this form as well as reporting it.

If your employees are working in Norway, registration obligations may apply. We can help you to check whether this is necessary. And if needed we can assist also when you have to register your employees.


Arborealis helps you
Arborealis supports European entrepreneurs in their business in Norway. We can take care of most administrative duties in Norway. We can take care of the registration of your business in Norway. Furthermore we can also handle the registration of personnel. We can also assist you with the VAT return. We can assist you in expanding your business and relieve you from your administrative obligations. Language is no obstacle to assisting you; we speak French, English, Dutch, German and Norwegian.

For contact or information, mail to: linda.eikelenboom@arborealis.no

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