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When you are doing business in or with Norway, you also get to deal with VAT in Norway. Since the rules in Norway are different from other European countries, this can be complex. Arborealis is specialized in helping European companies when doing business in Norway. And is your preferred VAT representative in Norway. Your Norwegian VAT return is well taken care of. In addition, Arborealis also helps with getting a Norwegian VAT number,  registrering your employees working in Norway and other legal issues related to your assignment in Norway. Due to the up to date knowledge of the Norwegian tax system, Arborealis is the favored partner for international and foreign companies, from start-ups to larger businesses in a variety of business industries.

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Doing business in Norway

With many years of experience, I can help you making your business in Norway a success.

My services include:


VAT Representation

Registration in VAT register

VAT Reporting

Advice on correct treatment of VAT

Registration of employees

Doing business in Norway is one thing, but what about the Norwegian VAT?

If your company is carrying out business activities in Norway, you need to comply with certain local requirements and laws. Are you doing business with companies in Norway or is our company located in Norway? You can also be doing business in Norway without a permanent establishment in the country. Then, how do you know if you have to charge Norwegian VAT? And if you are VAT liable in Norway, do you need the help of a VAT representative? Also, who submits your VAT declaration? I am your reliable VAT representative in Norway. I make sure everything is meeting the requirements, so you can focus on the growth of your business.

Registration in Norway

Since Norway doesn’t belong to the EU, the foreign administrative duties can become an obstacle for many business. It can be difficult to decide if your company must register for VAT in Norway. Arborealis helps you with the registration for VAT in Norway, as well as employees.

VAT Norway

Just like in other European countries, VAT is chargeable on most of your sales and purchases in Norway. How do you know which VAT rate to charge on your turnover in Norway? Arborealis advises on VAT Norway matters.

Arborealis: expert in doing business in Norway

Arborealis hjelper dere og deres utenlandske underleverandører med å følge norske lover og regler når de skal utføre oppdrag i Norge.



Linda: the expert when doing business in Norway

Linda Eikelenboom er mva-ekspert og eier av Arborealis - Linda Eikelenboom is expert in Norwegian VAT

I am Linda Eikelenboom (1969), the partner for Arborealis. With Arborealis I support European companies in doing business in Norway. In fact, one of my main services is taking care of the VAT return. I obtained an education within finance executive management. I have a bachelor in business administration from Nyenrode University. And additionally a master in finance from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Also, I am a Dutch Chartered Accountant. I have international professional experience and can count on a large international netwerk.


For the last 21 years I have worked within Norwegian corporations. This is why I fully understand the Norwegian culture and language. With an extensive network in Norway and a deep understanding of the Norwegian VAT, I am your preferred partner when doing business in Norway. I speak English, French, German, Dutch and Norwegian. I am very passionate about my work. My goal is to contribute to your success on the Norwegian market. With my help you do business in Norway right from the start. Do you want to know how I can help your company? Contact me without any obligation.

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